Do Dogs Need Vitamins?

Most of us take some type of vitamin at least once in a while, so do dogs need vitamins to be healthy as well? It may surprise you that the life expectancy for dogs has greatly dropped from where it once was. Take the Golden Retriever for example. In the 1970s the life expectancy for a Golden Retriever was 16 to 17 years, where now their life expectancy has dropped all the way down to 9 to 10 years.

Many believe that some of this is attributed to the food that our dogs eat. Some of you might have considered making your own dog food or maybe you are making your dog food. It is a big job to make homemade dog food, and if you are feeding your dog homemade dog food, your dog could really benefit from receiving daily vitamins. Even dogs that are not eating homemade dog food can really benefit from taking a daily vitamin.

About Dog Food

The restrictions on dog food for what it is required to provide in regard to nutrition is not exactly governed. When dog food starts out being made, there are some healthy ingredients that are in the food (along with many unhealthy ingredients), but the entire structure of the food changes substantially from how it is processed.

It is cooked at such high temperatures in order to get the food into a paste form to eventually form your dog’s kibble. It is a highly processed dog food that has a shelf life of over 2 years without any kind of refrigeration. Do you think what they put in your dog’s food can be good for the body?

There are so many preservatives and after cooking the food, the nutrients and vitamins that were once present are going to be long gone. If you would like more information how dry dog food is made and with what ingredients, you can take a look at this dry dog food article.

What Vitamins Can Do For Your Dog

Dogs should be getting their vitamins from their dog food, but there really aren’t any regulations that after the dog food has been processed and stored for up to 2 years that the vitamins you were hoping they are providing your dog are actually there. That is why it is important for you to make sure your dog’s diet has everything it needs to keep them healthy.

Vitamins can keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, strengthen their bones and teeth, give them overall energy, assist in joint function, boost their immune system and so much more than this. Basically, they can help keep your dog healthier than he would be without the vitamins. As our dogs age, don’t we all wish that they could live a little longer and not struggle so much in their later years?

Recommended Vitamin For Dogs

The PetStrips Multi vitamins formulated for Adults and Puppies would be perfect to get your dog started on. This is an all nature vitamin that has no chemicals, artificial flavors or colors added and easy to administer. After all the preservatives and chemicals that your dog is already getting from their dog food, why would we want to give them more with their vitamins? By giving your dog this all natural vitamin and mineral daily, you can help ensure they live as long as possible and stay healthy enough to enjoy every day.

Soluble Vitamin

Giving your dog PetStrips is easy. It is a soluble formula where you simply place the strip on you dogs tongue of roof of the mouth once per day.

All ages can benefit from vitamins.

Absorption of PetStrips bypasses the digestive system and delivers the supplements right to the bloodstream. The ingredients are quickly delivered, usually more potent, and less health supplements will be needed to do the job it’s intended.

Traditional pill, tablet, or chewable supplements must all pass through the digestive system, which often breaks down and filters 80%-90% of the active ingredients before they are absorbed and become bioavailable to your pet. Traditional health and wellness supplements may be even less productive in older pets who have weaker intestinal absorption, and those suffering from various ailments that impact digestion or absorption rates. What little remains of the active ingredients can also take 1-2 hours before they reach bioavailability (of any use to your pet’s body).

Changes In Your Dog’s Health Using PetStrips Vitamins

  • Boost energy, stamina and vitality
  • Balance and support nutrition
  • Rehydrate and replace lost cell salts
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Replace lost minerals, key vitamins and electrolytes
  • Assist in the treatment of skin allergies
  • Promote a healthy and shiny coat
  • Promote mental/brain health and memory function
  • Assist in joint function and support
  • Promote healthy digestion
  • Support healthy bowel function


I hope from this information you have your answer to “do dogs need vitamins to be healthy?” Dog food has processed out a large portion of the nutrients and vitamins by how it is made in order to shape the food and to give it a long shelf life, that it is no wonder why our dogs are lacking in vitamins and not as healthy as they once were.

All ages can benefit from vitamins.

PetStrips gives you a great option for keeping your dog healthy and living a longer life with fewer medical issues coming along the way. It is grain free and gluten free and your dog will love the taste. It is safe for all breeds, ages and sizes, including puppies. Give it a try for a month and see your dog’s energy levels and overall health increase.

I feel that we already lose our dogs too soon, and the last years of their life can be a bit of a struggle with them physically. I would prefer them to live as long as possible and stay healthy enough to enjoy all of those years.

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