Dog Days of Summer

Your dog is your best friend and your favorite animal, and that means you’d do anything to ensure that they are well taken care of and happy. But sometimes people forget that their dogs need some of the same care as their kids or other people, and that’s sad. It’s not difficult for an inexperienced dog owner to forget that they cannot leave their animals outside in extreme heat or cold or to consider that animals need the same kind of love and attention when the weather is extreme as people require. It’s just something that comes with experience, and that’s why we are here to tell you that summer is here. In fact, if you live anywhere near Texas, you know that summer is here, with the triple digit degrees daily. Don’t be embarrassed if you did not yet think to consider your dog’s summer preparation; many did not. But that’s what we are here for; to remind you that you need to keep your dog in your thoughts and preparations as summer continues.

Wash your Dog Bowls More Often

You might not realize this, but your dog’s bowls are more susceptible to growing mold and other bacteria in the summer when the weather is sweltering. To ensure your dog does not get sick by consuming this disgusting stuff, make sure you are cleaning the bowls on a regular basis to ensure this is not happening to your dog.

Do Not Give Dogs Salty Food

Even just a little bit of sodium is going to warm up your dog, and that’s not good in the summer. Dogs are not capable of sweating and cooling themselves down the same way that humans are capable of doing, and that makes this a bit dangerous. You must absolutely make it a point to give your dogs no salty food this time of year which can make it even more difficult for them to sweat and cool off.

Keep Dogs Inside on Hot Days

If you usually leave your dog outside when you’re out, stop. Dogs become very hot in the summer and it’s not good for them. You need to find a place inside you can keep your dog, even if it means putting the dog in the crate while you run your errands. It might seem cruel, but it’s a lot more comfortable in there than it is in the yard where your dog could easily suffer from heat stroke.

Keep Up with Grooming

Dogs need to be groomed to keep their coats short and comfortable, and this is more important than ever when the weather is warm. This is especially true of dogs with long, crazy coats that need to be trimmed on a regular basis as it is. Don’t skip grooming appointments, please.

Give your Dog Extra Water

Your dog should get more water this time of year than any other time of year. Make sure that dog dish is always filled and make sure you are keeping that water fresh. If you need to, get a bigger bowl of water for the summer months. Or get a second bowl; whatever you do, just make sure your dog is well hydrated at all times.

Get a Kiddie Pool in the Yard

If you have a yard and your dog spends any time out there, get a kiddie pool and keep it clean and fresh. Your dog needs a nice, cool place to lie down and rest, and a little plastic pool is a great idea. Your dog will think it’s won the lottery with its own pool in which to lie down. Just remember to dump it each day since standing water is a breeding ground for so many parasites and nasty bugs.

Give the Dog some Tile

If you have a room in the house with tile floors, make sure your dog has access to this place. If you keep your house a little warmer than most, this is necessary. Your dog needs the ability to keep itself cool, and this is often the best way for him or her to do that in the house. Even if you are comfortable, your dog might not be able to get cool, and that is a bit of an issue.

Find Some Shade

When you are outside with your dog, make sure he or she has some shade. You can’t forgo exercise or outside time just because it’s hot, but you can make sure that your dog has a cool place in which he or she can lie down at any given moment. You should probably find a little time to sit in the shade with the dog as well, and that’s just because it is good to rest a bit and stay out of the sun.

Do Not Take the Dog in the Car

You can take your dog anywhere you want, you know. But you cannot leave the dog in a hot car during the summer. You know you can’t leave your kids in the hot car at any point in time, and you cannot leave your dogs in there either. If you cannot take them inside with you even for just a few moments, do not take the dog in the car with you. It really is just not something that you should do. Your dog’s safety and life depend on the fact that he or she is kept cool and comfortable all year long, not just when the weather is cool and comfortable.

Skip the Hot Asphalt

Your dog needs to walk, but you should avoid walking in the heat of the day. Try to keep walks to early morning and later evening hours. And whatever you do, keep your dog in the grass. It’s far better for his sensitive paws than the very hot asphalt that is on the road. Do your dog a favor and do not burn his precious paws on your lovely walks.

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